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Kinesiology Taping is an innovative, all-natural treatment that can help you move and feel better. At 1st Choice Chiropractic in Dearborn Heights, Michigan, patient-friendly chiropractor Hamzi Naserdean, DC, uses his specialized skills with Kinesiology Taping to provide support and lessen your pain as you heal from injury. Book your appointment online or call the office to schedule your consultation today. 

Kinesio Taping Q&A

What is Kinesiology Taping?


Kinesiology Taping is a treatment process that involves the application of a special type of elastic cotton fiber tape, Kinesio® tape, to your skin. 


This treatment approach is an excellent way to prolong the beneficial effects of chiropractic adjustments, chiropractic massage, rehabilitative exercises, and other in-office treatments at 1st Choice Chiropractic, while still allowing you to move freely. Ultimately, Kinesiology Taping helps your body to heal itself from within. 

How does Kinesiology Taping reduce pain?


Kinesiology tape provides support and stability to your injured muscles and joints without preventing normal movement. It works on many systems in your body, including the muscles, joints, connective tissues, and circulatory and lymphatic systems. 


Experts believe that Kinesiology Taping works by slightly lifting your skin. This creates a tiny area between your skin and the underlying tissues, which boosts your lymphatic drainage, reduces inflammation, and eases your pain. 


Kinesiology tape moves with your body and retracts with your skin, never losing its elasticity. This enables you to make normal movements without overstretching or hurting yourself. 

What conditions does Kinesiology Taping treat?


Kinesiology Taping treats a wide variety of injuries and chronic conditions. While its most popular use is in athletes who are recovering from injuries, many athletes also use Kinesio Taping to optimize their range of motion and athletic performance. 


In addition, many people from all walks of life use Kinesio Taping to feel and function better. It’s safe for use in children, pregnant women, and most people who have problems like swelling, pain, and stiffness. 

How does the Kinesiology Taping process work?


During Kinesio Taping, Dr. Naserdean applies the tape to specific areas, generally directly over muscles and joints. He gently stretches your skin and then applies the tape using specialized rehabilitative taping techniques. The Kinesio Taping process is quick and completely painless.

How long does Kinesiology tape last?


Kinesiology tape is both water-resistant and highly flexible, so you can wear it continuously for 3-5 days. Then you can return to 1st Choice Chiropractic for another treatment session. 


Are you interested in Kinesiology Taping and how it can help you? 1st Choice Chiropractic offers the best in expert Kinesiology Taping in a comfortable environment, so call the office or click the online booking tool to arrange your appointment today.